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Place your products right where the world searches for it

According to the Federal Reserve Economic Data, during July-September 2023, 15.6% of all retails shopping in the US took place online! Ever since the end of 2020, around 15% of the total retail sales have been taking place online. That’s an uptick compared to the pre-pandemic levels. It’s even more true for the UK. According to the office of National Statistics, 30.7% of all retail sales in the UK took place online in November 2023 and the figure is close for all the other months or even higher.

US – 15.6%
UK – 30.7%

Not just retail shops, everything else you sell, needs an online presence. Starting from diapers to Boeing planes. And Google is where the world searches for what to buy. Even if you are based in the US, Google Ads can help you go global.

Efficiently Unlocking Success: Our Streamlined Process for Google Ads Services

Performance of your Google Ads depend on many things, including how well-structured your landing page is and how compelling that looks. We offer all-around services for your company to increase the effectiveness of your Google Ads from site audit to market research and on-page SEO.


We start with an in-depth site audit, using Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, and Google Search Console to ensure your site is up to the mark.


We perform thorough market research, find hidden nuggets from your competitors, giving you competitive edge over them.


We do the best keyword research, prioritizing the keyword intents, customized for your products or services based on the market.


Our content development team takes care of your optimized contents for driving more traffic.


Our mastery in SEO optimization helps you grow your organic traffic and reach even in google search results.


We build up E-E-A-T, which helps us withstand the future Google Algorithm updates to come.

Tired of investing without real growth?

Experience a Game-Changing Approach to Google Ads Management

Are your Google ads falling short of delivering the growth you anticipated? Are you tired of investing in ad campaigns that seem to yield little in terms of tangible results? It’s high time to break free from the cycle of pouring resources into underperforming Google Ads campaigns. Welcome to Rank and Trend, a forward-thinking Google Ads agency with a proven track record of transforming stagnant investments into thriving profit centers. The era of blindly experimenting with your budget is over. Your business deserves a strategic approach that guarantees results.

At Rank and Trend, we bring a wealth of experience managing numerous successful Google Ads campaigns. We’ve mastered the art of optimizing keywords, restructuring chaotic account setups, crafting compelling copy, and designing attention-grabbing creatives. Let us revolutionize your Google Adwords campaigns and unleash their full potential for unprecedented success. Discover how Rank and Trend can elevate your Google Ads to not just drive traffic, but to generate substantial profits for your business.



Why to Hire a Google Ads Agency like us?

Knowledge and Experience

Success of your Google Ads depends on the competitiveness of the industry, the quality of the products or services offered, and the overall marketing strategy. Engaging Rank and Trend, a knowledgeable and expert Google Ads agency can enable you to know the market better, design a better strategy and improvise according to your needs.

Everything in One Place

A well-qualified agency like Rank and Trend can bring expertise in keyword optimization, ad copy creation, targeting strategies, and ongoing campaign management. We can enrich you with insights into industry trends, competitor analysis, and the latest features offered by Google Ads. This can lead to more effective campaigns, better ad placements, improved click-through rates (CTR), higher return on ad spend (ROAS) and ultimately, a higher return on investment (ROI).

Evolve or Perish

Without the necessary level of expertise, your in-house Google Ads management can face challenges in staying updated with the rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape. We manage it for you while you take care of more important concerns regarding your business.

Collaborate and Communicate

However, success also depends on the dedication, understanding, and strategic approach of the agency, as well as the collaboration between the agency and the company. Regular communication and collaboration between the company and the agency are also key factors in achieving optimal results. We are available 24/7 at your service.

Core Services for Google Ads Management We Offer

Keyword Research

  • Understand the power of keywords: These are the words or phrases individuals input into Google while seeking products or services.
  • Cost-per-click model: Advertisers incur charges each time a user clicks on their ad, emphasizing the importance of strategic keyword selection.
  • Smart keyword choices: Employ Google tools like the Keyword Tool, Trends, or Autosuggestion to identify optimal keywords for your AdWords campaign.
  • Simplify with Rank and Trend: If managing this seems overwhelming, our AdWords agency service can expertly handle your account and campaigns.
  • Comprehensive keyword analysis: We leverage tools like Google Analytics, WordStream, SEMrush, and Moz to ensure a thorough understanding of the customer journey.
  • External tools for precision: Native tools may not always provide accurate results, which is why we use external tools to enhance our client’s outcomes.
  • Platform-specific optimization: Harnessing platforms like WordStream and AdHawk, we excel in keyword optimization for Google Ads, gaining a competitive edge.

Google Ads Campaign Management

  • Streamlined Google Ads Setup: Google Ads presents a complex management platform. Navigating the setup and self-management can be overwhelming, demanding continuous effort for ad performance tracking.
  • Expert Google Ads Management: Seeking a competent professional or company can be challenging amid numerous agencies. Many claims expertise, but finding a trustworthy and reasonably priced service can be elusive.
  • Rank and Trend’s Proven Expertise: With extensive experience in Google Ads, we assure results through a blend of seasoned knowledge and industry best practices.
  • Comprehensive Services: Our offerings encompass campaign setup, conversion tracking, ad copy optimization, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to your Google Ads strategy.
  • Transparent Pricing: No surprises on billing! We provide transparent pricing, aligning with our commitment to clear and straightforward financial arrangements.
  • Focus on Business Growth: Entrust your Google Ads needs to us, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business without the complexities of ad management.

Landing Page Optimization

  • Strategic Landing Page Optimization: Crafting an effective landing page for search engines involves considerations like keywords, ad copy, and a compelling call to action tailored to your target market.
  • Design with Purpose: The design of your landing page should resonate with your audience, emphasizing the primary goal of persuading them about the value of your offering.
  • Critical Seconds: With a limited timeframe to capture a searcher’s attention, landing page optimization becomes pivotal, determining the success or failure of your campaign.
  • Conversion-Focused Approach: Optimize for conversions by strategically placing the primary keyword in headlines, subheadings, and call-to-action buttons. Integrating a secondary keyword enhances content relevancy for Google Ads.
  • Rank and Trend’s Expertise: Entrust your landing page optimization to Rank and Trend, ensuring that your Google Ads campaign is not just successful but excels in delivering results.

Real-time Tracking and Monthly Reporting

  • Challenging AdWords Campaign Tracking: Evaluating the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns becomes complex, particularly when managing a diverse product range and targeting numerous keywords on Google Ads.
  • Streamlined Monthly Reporting: Allow us to shoulder the burden with our comprehensive monthly reporting. We prioritize transparency, keeping our clients informed about the progress of their Google campaigns.
  • Proactive Approach: With AdWords, rest assured that we remain on top of every aspect, handling the intricacies with the best practices in mind. Your campaigns are in capable hands with our proactive and detail-oriented approach.

Customized Advertisement Strategy

  • Strategic Google Campaign Setup: Establishing a Google campaign demands extensive research and meticulous planning. Beyond understanding your audience, our focus is on precisely identifying their needs and desires, ensuring ads align with their interests.
  • Tailored Strategies for Unique Businesses: Recognizing the distinct nature of each business, we craft custom strategies. No generic approaches—your Google Ads marketing strategy is uniquely designed to match your business requirements.
  • Budget-Friendly Plans: Our commitment extends to providing a Google Ads plan that not only aligns with your goals but also suits your budget constraints. We ensure a strategic yet cost-effective approach.
  • Proven Expertise: Rely on our Google-certified professionals, boasting a track record of high-ROI campaigns. With a wealth of experience, we understand the dynamics of successful campaigns, ensuring your business stands out in the digital landscape.

We specialise in Google Ads (PPC) to help brands drive new customers at a profitable cost

Rank and Trend is a PPC Agency. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, our Google Ads (pay per click) service has the power to help drive results at a profitable cost.

Setting up Google Tag Manager

Revitalize your AdWords conversion tracking with our Google Tag Manager setup,

seamlessly integrating across new pages. GTM’s versatile container and transformative AdWords code, along with a data layer, ensure smooth information transmission to Google Analytics. Join us for an installation that effortlessly integrates your AdWords data into analytics dashboards and top-tier tools like Klaviyo or Hubspot. It’s not just tracking; it’s a narrative-shaping journey for a strategic digital ascent, redefining analytics precision and delivering unparalleled insights.

Drive New Customers

We strategically position our clients in the spotlight precisely

when potential customers are actively searching for businesses like theirs. It’s about impeccable timing, optimal placement, device precision, and delivering a compelling message that not only captures attention but drives positive ROI outcomes. Welcome to a realm where every element aligns to elevate your brand and ensure impactful results.


Unleash the power of paid advertising with our expert touch.

Many PPC agencies miss the mark, but we ensure precise campaigns that deliver fast exposure for small businesses. Imagine your company soaring to Google’s first page within minutes. Paid search is your expressway to visibility, and our AdWords agency guarantees maximum impact from your budget. It’s not just about advertising; it’s about dominating the digital landscape with confidence. Your success story begins with a tailored triumph.

Drive Awareness

We strategically position our clients in front of potential

customers actively seeking a specific product or service, yet unaware of the distinctive solution our clients provide. It’s about capturing the attention of those in the market, guiding them toward the unique solution they may not be aware of yet. Welcome to a targeted approach that ensures your brand stands out in a crowded market.

Remarketing and Rebranding

Embark on a dynamic remarketing journey at Rank and Trend.

Our experts navigate Google’s intricacies, ensuring your budget sparks impactful conversions. Whether through Google Search or Display Networks, we craft a narrative turning curiosity into tangible, resonant results. Let us redefine your Remarketing strategy, sparking a connection that lingers, propelling your brand forward with compelling efficiency.

Beat the Competition

We empower our clients to actively connect with individuals currently exploring offerings from competitors –

a strategic opportunity to showcase the unique value and advantages of our specific product or service. This targeted engagement ensures that those already in the market for similar offerings discover the superior benefits your brand provides, fostering potential conversions and brand loyalty.

Google Shopping

Supercharge your advertising with Google Shopping campaigns. 

We optimize ads for users’ search terms, ensuring relevance meets performance. Experience higher click-through rates and improved cost per click. As more than an Google Ads Agency, we’re strategic partners armed with cutting-edge tools. Let us turn your paid media campaign into a results powerhouse. Whether you seek information or a growth-fueling Google Shopping campaign, we’ve got you covered.

Care for Conversion

Enhance your website’s effectiveness with Conversion Rate

Optimization (CRO) at Rank and Trend. We go beyond Google Ads, implementing CRO strategies to boost conversion rates and optimize ad spend efficiently. Our seasoned experts transform your website into a high-converting platform, increasing traffic and customer satisfaction while lowering the cost per lead/sale. Elevate your online impact with our CRO expertise.

We specialise in Google Ads (PPC) to help brands drive new customers at a profitable cost

Rank and Trend is a PPC Agency. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, our Google Ads (pay per click) service has the power to help drive results at a profitable cost.

Drive New Customers

We get our clients in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like theirs at the right time, in the right place, on the right device with the right message to drive ROI positive outcomes.

Drive Awareness

We get our clients in front of customers in-the-market for a particular product or service but unaware of their particular solution.

Beat Competitors

We give our clients the opportunity to engage with people who are shopping with competitors, who’d also benefit with our particular product or service.


We personalise Google Ads experiences to users who’ve expressed an interest for your product (dynamic remarketing) or service to help complete the sale or desired result.


Performance Driven Service

Spend only if we can promise you results. If we’re not confident about results, we won’t try to convince you to spend.

Customized Contracts

No long-running contracts. You can cancel at anytime with us.

Fully Tracked Marketing

All paid marketing activity is fully tracked in real-time, including phone call tracking.

Performance Driven Service

If we’re not confident we can drive you results, we won’t try to convince you to spend.

No Long-Running Contracts

No long-running contracts. You can cancel at anytime with us.

Fully Tracked Marketing

All paid marketing activity is fully tracked, this includes phone call tracking.

Google Ads (PPC) Agency That Drives Results

As an agency we provide an all-in-one Google Ads (PPC) service which typically starts showing progressive results within the first 30 days of going live.

1 All-In-One Management

We design, build, optimise, manage, and measure your Google Ads PPC campaigns. This includes keyword research all the way to designing the creative.

2 ROI Positive

We focus on driving effectiveness and efficiency on CPM, CPC costs and more importantly driving a solid return on investment.

3 Granular Optimisation

We optimise at a granular level and develop our own scripts to ensure you get the maximum return for your money, fully tracked to the penny.

4 Typical Outcomes

Typically our clients after 2-3 months double their ad spend to drive objectives further after experiencing initial results.

Google Search Ads

Strategies To Improve Cost Per Click and Return on Ad Spend

Google Display

Highly targeted strategies to deliver the best branding and ROI.


Re-engage and upsell opportunities to drive revenue driving outcomes.

Google Shopping Ads

Get your products in front of those interested in buying them.

YouTube Advertising

Advanced targeting opportunities to drive awareness and sales.

Performance Max Advertising

Strategies to get the max out of Performance Max.

Full Google Ads & PPC Agency Solution

Everything for a successful Google Ads & PPC campaign. All work undertaken in London


Great team

Great team! They kept their word and help me rank my local business top for its search term within 7 months. It took some time but worth the patience.

Andrew Kalin

Best Of The Best

I’ve worked with so many online agencies and this is honestly the best one. They work HARD and over-deliver on every single step of the way.

I’ve worked with them on Google ads, SEO, and Web Development and everything turned out incredible. I will continue working with them since it’s just so easy and is exactly what I was always looking for. Don’t think twice, these guys are the real deal!

Johnny G.

Professional and Fast

This company was very easy to work with, they were professional, 

and worked with me when issues arose
They answered any questions I had, and were quick to respond.
This company provided me with lists before starting the work, to allow me to go through every step to verify the quality.

Zac Jortner

Best web design and developer out there!

I had a very smooth process. Very good communication and high-quality web design and development. Highly recommend to anyone looking for amazing web design and development!

Noah Igler

Khan has been fantastic to work with…

Khan has been fantastic to work with and knows his stuff incredibly well when it comes to SEO – especially the technical areas.

Henry Purchase

A good business

A good business, got my business on the top three search results within a few weeks! Thanks to these guys, I have seen notibly more traffic and customers in a while.


Get More Traffic, More Calls & More Sales for your Business.