Our Money Back Guarantee Policy:

If you don’t get the expected result within the contract time, we will give you up to 60% money back.

For Example: If we guarantee you ranking on the first page of Google within 6 months, and you don’t get the results within the time frame, you will get up to 60% money back.

Money Back Policy Will Not Apply on White Hat SEO:

  • If you have a past record of Black hat SEO.
  • If you use AI Content.
  • If you have spammy backlinks, and you don’t remove them.
  • If you can’t acquire the agreed amount of backlinks per month, and content.
  • If you make any changes without our approval.
  • If you have PBN backlinks.

Money Back Policy Will Not Apply on Local SEO:

  • If you have fake reviews on your GMB/GBP profile.
  • If you have a previous account block, penalty, or suspension.
  • If your location is not verified.
  • If you have fake service location.